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Audio and Video Communication via WebRTC
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Implement real-time audio and video communication abilities with WebRTC technology like simpleWebRTC to be made available for the Kolab web application.

It should be possible to initiate and facilitate an audio and/or video call with other Kolab users currently online in the web application.

Bonus points for integration with XMPP, ZRTP encryption and integration into the event scheduling: An event and the associated reminder could contain a link to the WebRTC conference and also be open for external participants.

Skype or Google Hangouts are already an integral part of the corporate world and continue to replace traditional means of communication such as phone calls. Being the first groupware solution to include audio and video communication and integrate it tightly into established work-flows would give Kolab a huge competitive advantage.


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How about multi channel video communication? I think a Jitsi Videobridge component is work a look, it is a XMPP plugin so it can work hand and hand with the solution for Kolab XMPP. Also offers a SIP Gateway and a WebRTC client.

I'd like to propose Rocket.Chat. Maybe its not quite there yet but neither is this issue seemingly :)

Otherwise I'd back Jitsi (as in Jitsi meet+Jitsi Videobrige+Jigasi)

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