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Process to collaborate on external, third-party projects.
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The Kolab development team works with a variety of external, third-party software development projects, each with their own set of semantics;

  • KDE PIM uses Phabricator itself for a number of applications in their suite, meaning that any copy of the GIT repository cannot be enabled "auto-close" for on all branches.

    This project is different in that we employ a forked clone of the repositories in which we branch off to store our work.
  • Cyrus IMAP uses Phabricator itself.

    This particular involvement is different, in that we employ no forking to work on our interests.
  • Phabricator itself might receive some work, or otherwise the Sprint extension we employ.

    These particular projects are different in that the timeline to deployment for us is not necessarily in line with the timeline to acceptance upstream.

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I could imagine that we would like to make a special "external" or "3rd party" project to associate with these kinds of issues. Whether there should be a git repository connected to this project is to be decided

The classification of "External" or "3rd party" is unrelated to the technical semantics of a git repo (if any) and auto-closing (if git repository).

So far it's clear that KDE PIM needs a GIT repository, and we might one for Phabricator or the Sprint extension we're employing.

Cyrus IMAP does not require a local git repository, albeit should we start actual C development effort it might still be usefull (effectively putting it back in to the same problem space as KDE PIM / Phabricator).

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