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Apr 19 2016

AndrewReddingt1 added a comment to T995: Run Guam in Beta.

The lack of this is making my Kolab Now account almost unenjoyable to use. I don't appreciate having my groupware folders tangled amongst my personal folders. To counter this problem, I have had to create a folder called 'Folders' which all of my folders reside in, so that they are a level down from Inbox, just to stop them from being on the same level of hierarchy of groupware folders - this is annoying.

Apr 19 2016, 11:35 PM · Architecture & Design
AndrewReddingt1 added a comment to T68: Support Extended MAPI natively via OpenChange.

Unfortunately, Activesync is only enabled in Outlook 2013, and though the Kolab Actiesync implementation (Syncroton) is better than some of the others I have used, like Z-Push which has several bugs (folders don't appear under the mailbox tree but rather the inbox, problems deleting folders etc), I wouldn't say it is good enough to be the sole connector between the Kolab Server and Outlook, making MAPI integration more important.

Apr 19 2016, 11:30 PM · Architecture & Design
AndrewReddingt1 added a comment to T1143: Allow SPECIAL-USE and CREATE-SPECIAL-USE on Cyrus IMAP Frontends in Discrete Murder.

Are we likely to see SPECIAL-USE (RFC 6154) working and enabled on Kolab Now, as it is currently not enabled. This would definitely make email client setup easier and there would be no effort required for the non-technically inclined user. I reckon this would add some value to Kolab Now.

Apr 19 2016, 11:15 PM · Winterfell, Kolab 16, Kolab Enterprise 14, Cyrus IMAP, Sprint 201612