Allow SPECIAL-USE and CREATE-SPECIAL-USE on Cyrus IMAP Frontends in Discrete Murder
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Frontends in a Cyrus IMAP Discrete Murder do not (can not) currently support the SPECIAL-USE and CREATE-SPECIAL-USE capabilities, for the information needed is contained on the backend server only (thus, the LIST (options) "pattern" return (special-use)" returns the list of mailboxes as if no special use flags were ever set on these folders.


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Back-ported from master.

Made available as cyrus-imapd- / cyrus-imapd-2.5.7-11.1 in Kolab Enterprise 14 update-testing.

Are we likely to see SPECIAL-USE (RFC 6154) working and enabled on Kolab Now, as it is currently not enabled. This would definitely make email client setup easier and there would be no effort required for the non-technically inclined user. I reckon this would add some value to Kolab Now.