Replying to an invitation to a collaborative editing session
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Eva: A system administrator at Acme Corp with extensive experience with Kolab Enterprise
Susy: A project manager at Acme Corp
Robert: Knowledge worker at Acme Corp, works part time from home, is a member of Susy's team


Robert is looking at his agenda in Roundcube Calendar. An invitation to an edit session appears from Susy as a notification (popup). Robert clicks on the "Join" button in the invitation to join the session.


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From the suggestion in T731#10206, the expectation for Susy could probably be managed better by establishing the implementation of presence information exchange ("Robert is on the phone"), supplemented by scheduling and availability information (Free/BUsy) (or vice-versa, the implementation of a Free/Busy interface supplemented by presence information) for when Robert is otherwise occupied between "now" (Susy would like Robert to join) and "then" (Robert is available to respond and does so).

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Joining the session is already implemented. I'd need more info about the free/busy interface.

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