having to press 'enter' to actually search
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When searching for a calendar or an event, you have to press enter before any results are shown. Instead even when still typing the events containing the word(parts) suggestions should show up.


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This was a common issue during our usetest.
Peaple seam to expact instant-search

Is this something we can do @machniak

Searching email or events is usually more expensive than e.g. filtering already loaded folders or even contacts. So, it might be not fast enough. It may require some work to make sure it's responsive.

given that almost all our test subject expected the search to be instant, it might be work well invested

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T4755 is also a result of this issue

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In a broader sense, many such form fields in the webclient require input confirmation by pressing Enter, including those that initially use a "display filter", like the one able to search listed calendars vs. searching the server-side for all possible options. The exception to the rule seems to be auto-complete.

We should probably consider the auto-complete model for searches, but I agree it can be considered expensive.

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