Delete Categories in Calender Settings does not work
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Deleting a new or standard Categorie in Calender Settings does not work.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Settings -> Calender
  2. Categories -> klick button (bin) -> save

Actual result:
deleted Categorie reappears.

Expected result:
Categorie vanishes


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I could reproduce this problem. Only the colour of the category disappears. the rest stays the same.

Can I put in on done?

It actually works. you just did not press "save"

so we delete the task?

so we delete the task?

no. we need to investigate why you missed the save button.

I did press save for sure and I tried in multile times. And I just tried it again and the one I deleted last time was still there and then I deleted a new one and it is also still there.. Even though I oressed save every time

Me too. I pressed save!

So then we need this ticket, is it done so?

I would say so!

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@machniak can we get your feedback on this?

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