missing consistency for drag and drop
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The funktion is possible for example to delete an email but not for delete a folder.
The participants always try this function before start to search "Actions".


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Laura added a subscriber: Laura.Feb 1 2018, 11:18 AM


Would be great/necessary (for reasons of consistency) that drag&drop be enabled for the whole program!

Moritz added a subscriber: Moritz.Feb 1 2018, 11:20 AM

My subjects had the same problem.

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I added it to T3547 as well since to me it seems related to that problem as well

So they actually tried to drag&drop the folder to the trash folder?
OS X users i assume?

Yes they tried. But there are also other examples. Drag&drop in general is very popular to try in several situations. Like a right klick.
No in this case is it wasn't an OS X user and the test also runs on windows. But I think the problem is the same.

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@machniak What do you think?

Drag-n-drop works in Settings > Folders, but not in Mail UI. I generally agree that it would be nice to have all functionality of the folder manager in Mail UI, but it's just quite a lot of work.

It need to be noted also that Roundcube does not remove automatically subfolders of Trash. So, to delete a folder with drag-n-drop we'd need an additional setting that would auto-remove Trash subfolders on logout, or sth like that.

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