Consider the database root dn for synchronization
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The Kolab daemon creates a sub-process for each parent domain name space in Hosted Kolab / Kolab Now.

It does so for each domainRelatedObject, which is not necessarily also a separate database or separate root dn.

One example could be to create ou=customer.tld,dc=hosting,dc=company, with the hierarchy under ou=customer.tld,dc=hosting,dc=company containing the entries for primary domain namespace customer.tld -- all contained within the dc=hosting,dc=company database / root dn.


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We have tried to make this work before, but it needed to be reverted. Setting story points to 5.

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Note: git master head already contains the new approach but needs verification and probably fixing

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Taking this out of the server sprint 201520, as that sprint has been dedicated to setting up test facilities.

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This has been implemented now.