Acknowledgements/feedback in right bottom corner
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How to reproduce:
E.g. copy email, send email etc. (is valid for all kinds of different actions, like: "sending message", "message sent successfully", etc.)

Actual results / Problem:
Acknowledgements/feedback pop up in the right bottom corner.
This is a bad place to recognize it in the short time period it is shown.

Expected results:
It would be better if it were shown in the center of the page and/or longer!


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@Laura War das nur zum ausprobieren und ich kann das löschen, oder ist das ein tatsächliches Problem?

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Das war ein wirkliches Problem, ich werde das aber auch noch etwas genauer beschreiben in den nächsten Tagen.

Screenshots wären hilfreich, und eine Anleitleitung, die Schritt für Schritt beschreibt, wie man das reproduzieren kann. (also was man machen muss, damit einem die notifications angezeigt werden.)

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Ist schwierig, schnell genug Screenshots davon zu machen, ich glaube aber, das gilt für alle Arten von Feedback, die das System gibt -sowohl zu einem aktuellen Zustand (z.B. "Nachricht wird gesendet") als auch zu abgeschlossenen Handlungen (z.B. "Nachricht erfolgreich gesendet" oder "Nachricht erfolgreich markiert")

(siehe auch Screenshots)

Über den besten Platz für Rückmeldungen müssen wir im Seminar nochmal reden. Ist aber definitv kein guter Zustand aktuell.

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Maybe changing the background color to be dark would fix that. E.g.

Laura added a comment.Jan 4 2018, 9:56 PM

I definitely think that the "colorful feedback boxes", as proposed by johnajackson in that thread, would be recognized more easily! (I mean the boxes, that are completely in one color; yet it seemed to me that you were not actually convinced by that suggestion...?)
Yet I am not sure they fix the problem, since the position is definitely the main point. I've tested the program with a friend of mine recently, and his main criticism of the whole program was that he said he "didn't get enough feedback"! Since there actually is quite a lot of feedback (what I know now because I have paid attention to the all those boxes, since I know where they appear), it is definitely a problem of not perceiving it in that corner. My friend added he "would have expected something in the upper part or the center of the site, just a box or a window telling me what had just been done".

So I think if you just tried making the feedback appear more in the center, that might fix the issue faster than discussing about colors or colorful symbols etc. (since the feedback boxes themselves are already well done)... But that's just my opinion.

The old-old skin displayed these messages on top-center. Then we created a new skin that displays them in right-bottom. I think back then the reason was to not overlap buttons with them. We had not much complaints about that since. On the other hand there were complaints about these notifications being distracting. So, I'm looking for a compromise here. If we put them in right-bottom, but make them more distinct, it could maybe work, if we do not touch the (quite often) "loading" message (so this one is not so much distinct).

We should probably also consider the importance of a message by its type. There are information, loading, confirmation, warning and error messages. It might make sense to display errors on center to get maximum attention, but the rest in right-bottom. However, my personal opinion is that what I proposed before would be a good compromise.

Laura added a comment.EditedJan 5 2018, 10:06 AM

I get the point with "not overlapping any buttons" but I think that this depends only on the time for which you display the feedback. I use posteo for example (a program which uses roundcube, as bohlender pointed out to me, maybe the first skin of it?) and always get feedback in the center. But since 1. the feedback window is not too big (see screenshot) and 2. it only appears for a short time (during which I usually cannot do anything anyway just because the program is loading or anything else!) there is no problem like: "I have to wait until the feedback disappears until I go on". So I think when notifications appear in the center, it is a matter of time whether this is irritating or simply good to perceive and thus helpful.

I agree with you that messages like "loading", which appear quite often, do not have to appear in center (although here again: if this appears only for a very short time it doesn't bother me).
So you are definitely right to consider feedback notifications by type!
In my opinion it would not only make sense to display error but also warning messages in the center!
When it comes to confirmation messages, it depends on what kind of confirmation it is: e.g. I might not want to get a "big feedback" every time I have sent an email, but after importing data or uploading several attachments, I might want a clear feedback because this is something "more important". But considering it that way leads into a huge discussion about what kind of message is how important, and I actually prefer being consistent.

So it might be easier to either say:
(1) only error and warning messages appear in the center
or (2) all messages appear in the center, but only for a short period of time which does not bother the user (possibly it would make sense for the user to be able to set the display time himself?)
or (3) all messages appear in the corner but with more distinct colors.
As far as the latter option is concerned, I also think it could work with more distinct colors, although I cannot really say whether it would really fix the problem until I could work a bit with that new version implemented...

Yet I would think that if you choose this option the colors would really have to be more prominent, and so I would actually prefer johnajackson's version, since I think that what you have proposed it not so different from the status quo, so: still "not colorful enough" to really be noticed... If you prefer that version, I would propose at least adding colored "frames" to the boxes...

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