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Clearify what "empty annotation" means
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According to wh have these rules:

  1. Folders with mail content MAY exist without metadata.
  2. Folders without any metadata MUST be treated as mail folders.
  3. Folders with an unrecognized folder-type annotation SHALL NOT be displayed to the user as containing normal mail data.

the problem is now if we have the following situation:

"Spam": {"/private/vendor/kolab/folder-type": "mail.junkemail", "/shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type": ""}

-> rule 1 does not match there is a shared annotation
-> rule 2 does not match the shared annotation exists -> no mail folder
-> rule 3 matches -> folder is not displayed

but this is not the intended behaviour isn't it?


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I think empty string should be handled as NIL, I don't know if we have this somewhere in the standard. Actually I see empty string in an annotation for the first time.

The doc doesn't exist anymore. Is there anything to be discussed here or can we close the task?

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