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updated invitation placeholders don't auto-update in calendar
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I have a Kolab 16.1 environment currently running the following versions on CentOS 7:


kolab.conf has the following settings in the [wallace] section:

modules = resources, invitationpolicy, footer
footer_text = /etc/kolab/footer.text
footer_html = /etc/kolab/footer.html
resource_calendar_expire_days = 100
kolab_invitation_policy = ALL_SAVE_AND_FORWARD, ACT_MANUAL

Now if a kolab user receives calendar invitation (from ms exchange user), there's is a "placeholder event" created for the invitation event in the calendar. Kolab user does not accept the invitation yet.

Then the invitation sender updates the calendar invitation, and sends an update. Kolab user receives the update email, but the "placeholder event" in the kolab calendar does NOT get (auto) updated to reflect the updated event..

So the user still sees the old invitation placeholder when looking at the calendar, and might miss the event, which is bad.

Is this a known bug? Or is there some other configuration setting that affects this behaviour?


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Yeah, with *_SAVE_AND_FORWARD it should probably update existing unresponded invitation event.

This seems to be related to what email platform the sender is using. I tested the same procedure using google as a sender, and kolab seems to work properly in that case, and updates the not-yet-accepted calendar invitation just like it should.

But when the sender is Exchange 2010 it seems kolab wallaced has problems updating the calendar "placeholder event".

I modied /etc/sysconfig/wallace to have:
FLAGS="--fork -l debug --debug=8"

Let's see if that reveals more information about the issue. Are there known problems with wallaced dealing with calendar invitations from exchange 2010?

Oh, it seems --debug=8 syntax doesn't seem to work. This works instead:

FLAGS="--fork -l debug -d 8"

Another test was now done by sending a calendar invitation from Exchange 2010 to Kolab 16.1.

There was two kolab users as recipients in the calendar invitation email (To: user1@kolabdomain.tld, user2@kolabdomain.tld). It seems only the first kolab user/recipient (user1) got the calendar event "placeholder" automatically created in his calendar.. user2 did NOT get calendar placeholder event created.

Looking at the wallaced debug logs seems to confirm this. When applying invitation policy 'EVENT_SAVE_AND_FORWARD' wallaced seems to only search the folders of user1, and then save the calendar event in the calendar folder of user1. Other recipient (user2) is ignored by wallaced invitation policy processing.

Both recipients get the email though. So it's only the calendar event "placeholder" that is only created to the calendar of the first user..

Looks like a bug. Any comments? Should this scenario work?

Sounds like a bug. So, this is the explanation of the initial issue, yes?

Yes, i'm pretty certain this is the actual issue i've been seeing.

So the actual issue seems to be if there are multiple recipients in the calendar invitation email then wallaced only creates the placeholder calendar event for the *first* recipient only.

Any thoughts/plans about fixing this issue? Users hit this issue very often, because currently kolab auto-updates only the *first* recipient calendar..

The immediate workaround is to set smtp-wallace_destination_recipient_limit = 1 in /etc/postfix/

The immediate workaround is to set smtp-wallace_destination_recipient_limit = 1 in /etc/postfix/

In our sceanrio, invitations sent by Outlook still fail. We've created D611 as an additional workaround.

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