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TOTP/HOTP: optionally display secret in addition to the QR code
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When adding a HOTP/TOTP token we display a QR code than can be used for FreeOTP and other tools.
I create TOTPs by using a keepass plugin and need to enter the secret manually. Other 2FA applications
have the option to display the secret while displaying the QR code.

Right now I log the secret or take a snapshot and use an external application to decode the QR code.

Would it be possible to display the secret or something like "Can't snap the QR code? Click here to
show the secret to enter it manually"?


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I started to package endroid-qrcode for Debian and saw that there is a new upstream release 1.6.5 available. The changelog has:


@endroid endroid released this on 8 Apr · 16 commits to master since this release

Added support for SPD (Short Payment Descriptor)
Added support for text labels underneath image (allowing custom fonts)
vanmeeuwen lowered the priority of this task from 60 to Normal.Mar 28 2019, 8:12 AM