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Simplify mimetree parts as we get them from the mimetreeparser
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It's currently rather difficult to display the mime-part tree as it is presented because what's exported doesn't reflect what needs to be displayed.
For instance:

MimeMesssgePart isAttachment
  CryptoMessagePart isAttachment
    CryptoMessagePart isAttachment
      TextMessagePart isAttachment
        MessagePart (main body)
      TextMessagePart isAttachment
        MessagePart (signed encrypted attachment)
  CryptoMessagePart isAttachment
      TextMessagePart isAttachment
        MessagePart (unsigned encrypted attachment)

This results in a ridiculous amount of nested views that do absolutely nothing.
Also, we can't filter out attachments, because everything that isn't directly a text part is an attachment it seems.
What we need is this:

  Text (main body, encrypted, signed)
  Attachment (encrypted, signed)
  Attachment (encrypted)

So rather a fairly flat tree, with properties to figure out what is now signed or encrypted.
In most cases a list should be good enough, in some cases some hierarchical information may be useful to be able to display some thing inline.


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mollekopf created this task.

Sandro, please add your thoughts and comments on the issue.

The example comes from the "OpenPGP encrypted one signed and one unsigned attachment"

@machniak nope - here we are talking about kube and the display of mails

T1139 is current kmail and is in sending part not in viewing part

A attachment is marked as:

  • is must be a TextMessagePart
  • and if mIconType != NoIcon
  • and via mNode you get the contentType

(at the moment mIconType & mNode are marked as private

Here's where I see the purpose in libmessageparser:

It's supposed to make is easy for email clients to interpret and visualize the content of a mail. Whatever that entails.
It's not supposed to enforce a specific way of displaying it.

This involves dealing with decryption, making embedded mails available, making it possible to access a signature of a signed part, making attached keys to a message available etc.

From the Kube side we require:

  • A list of parts to display, flat if possible, nested if necessary.
  • A list of attachments that we can deal with as appropriate:
    • Invitations and other iTip messages would probably get an inline event viewer.
    • Embedded messages might be displayed inline (so we need to know where), or the might be offered as a list that you can click on to view the message
    • Images might be displayed inline, or made available as attachments only.
    • Other attachments are probably usually listed as separate list.

What we see from that is:

  • Some parts are not interesting to have in this tree. Encryption parts and signatures are properties of the embedded parts, and how that exactly looks MIME-Parts wise is an implementation detail.
  • Attached signatures or certificates or vcards are not part of the regular message structure and should be made available as properties/attachments.
  • We want a simple and straightforward API. The point of this library is that I don't have to read the S/MIME rfc to render an S/MIME message, if the library simply replicates the parts it becomes fairly pointless.
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