webdav interface partly broken after seafile integration
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I followed the guide for using Seafile as an exclusive storage mechanism:
The integration works, I can access the files with webdav from Windows and roundcubemail. (Calendars, ... do not appear within the Seafile interface.) In iRony the structure and files are no longer accessible (Storage error. Library not found.).
When I create libraries in Seafile with the names of the webdav structure it appears to work again- the libraries within seafile stay empty. I attached the log and screenshots.
(the system's packages are listed in a new paste "webdav interface broken after seafile integration - installed software CentOS 7")


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This scenario is not possible at the moment and because SeaFile has it's own WebDAV service I'm not sure there's a need to use iRony for that. You can configure iRony to provide CalDAV and CardDAV only if needed.

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