Investigate kolab2 to kolab3 conversion issues
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A migration led to a lot of invalid kolab objects. Figure out why they were created in the first place and how to deal with them


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An event has been transformed with empty created date:




The full message looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<event version="1.0" >
 <start-date>2012-10-10T14: 00:00Z</start-date> <summary>test</summary> <organizer> <display-name>Display Name</display-name> <smtp-address></smtp-address> </organizer> <attendee> <display-name>Test Test</display-name> <smtp-address></smtp-address> <status>accepted</status> <request-response>false</request-response> <invitation-sent>false</invitation-sent> <role>required</role> </attendee> <show-time-as>busy</show-time-as> <end-date>2012-10-10T16:00:00Z</end-date>

Which is not even valid xml (the event closing tag is missing.
Also, creation-date and last-modification-date MUST be UTC date-times, not date-only values.

libkolabxml has been enhanced to detect invalid creation dates. Also, kolab-format has been enhanced to not write out objects that had an error during conversion.

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The tests clearly start failing with this commit added.

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