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Handling of access levels in File Cloud
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Currently, the Kolab files module allows moving files from Seafile backend from one folder into a read-only folder. Apparently, the UI suggests that it is still possible to move a file into the read-only folder and shows it there, but then does not allow to move it out again:

Read-only libraries/folders in Seafile should be shown as such, maybe using a lock icon and then not allowing files to be moved/copied inside the folder in the first place.

Currently the UI is not aware of the access rights of folders. The same is for mail folders in Roundcube. While we do this for addressbook/calendar/tasks Alec is not sure it's good for Files and Mail. There might be possible problem with performance, as we expect more folders here, but maybe if we'd check rights only on shared folders it wouldn't be so bad. There's no performance problem for SeaFile as its API already returns access rights of a folder/library.

This request is specifically for Seafile, so it would be sufficient to check for read-only state for shared file folders via the Seafile API.


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Seafile returns directory metadata containing the read-only / read-write state of a folder, so no separate round-trip would be needed.

IMAP would require more roundtrip interactions, but is assisted by local caches.

The Chwala API and API client however only communicate about the folders, not the associated access level.

@machniak and I agree that this can be a (client) post-operation, such that the list of folders is communicated first, followed by a chunked series of requests about the user's access to them.

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This can't have been estimated while it has not been designed. Furthermore, the split up of tickets means this ticket has become an epic.

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