Fix memory bugs

Authored by sicherha on May 24 2021, 2:53 PM.



This revision comprises three patches that fix a use-after-free bug, potential access to dangling pointers, and a bunch of memory leaks in the tests.

Fix use-after-free bug

QByteArray::fromRawData() does not copy the contents of the source
buffer. If the resulting QByteArray object lives longer than the source
buffer, we run into use-after-free problems.

In this particular instance, the source data resides in a temporary
rvalue object.

Fix dangling pointers

std::vector gives zero guarantees that pointers to its elements remain
valid when the vector's size changes. In particular, pushing new
elements into the vector may trigger reallocation of the underlying heap

Consequently, Event::delegate() needs to ensure that any modifications
to the d->attendees vector are performed before pointers to its elements
are taken and collected.

Found with Valgrind.

Fix memory leaks in tests

QTest::toString() returns a pointer to a dynamically allocated character
array. According to the Qt documentation, '[t]he caller has ownership of
the returned pointer and must ensure it is later passed to operator

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Superseded by D2548. Turns out the first commit is no longer needed (and I messed up the diff during rebase).