Support for multiple KMS instances with selection by current load
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Authored by mollekopf on Tue, Jan 12, 8:28 PM.



The load is simply the current number of webrtc connections.
This has mostly been based on removed code from
883d686542f2c72c86b8365978cadf2b13d315e4 and

Verified that with two KMS instaces and two rooms, each get's used
Look for "KMS less loaded is ws://localhost:8889/kurento with a load of
0.0" in the logs.

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  • no longer fails if some kms is initially unreachable
  • allowMoreElements is now taken into account

Alternatively we could also get rid of allowMoreElements if we don't need a limit on number of pipelines.

For the branch I would propose we base ourselves on the v2.16.0 tag

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