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This is mainly a copy&paste from the KDE4 personas . They offer a good starting point that we want to refine over time.

The main area of application is in medium to large size companies and institutional organisations. So we talk about people like Berna (office worker) or Santiago (decision maker) as the primary persona. The secondary persona is the private user with average knowledge (Susan) but also those with special needs like mailinglists (Philip).

Santiago should turn into a "Roadwarrior"

Office Worker

Berna, 26 years
"I want to feel safe."

Berna is working as an office clerk in a big insurance. Although a smart person, she is very unsure when it comes to technology.

Berna's major work is to check the details of insured events. She writes reports for her boss suggesting compensation payouts for the cases she deals with. Berna is a very precise person, and always solves her tasks accurately.

Berna twice lost several hours of work because she didn't understand the options she was offered. Since then, she has been very careful when probing new functionality.

Decision Maker

Santiago, 34 years
"I'm hunting for improvement."

Santiago works in management. For him, technology needs to be comfortable and make him feel smart. He travels to see customers and corresponds with them a lot.

Recreational User

Susan, 34 years
"I want to be creative and flexible."

While Susan seldom uses her computer for work, it has become an essential part of her social life. With her computer, she can be creative and spread this creativity in the world.

She chats with her friends, shares music, playlists and other media, creates videos and uploads them to her web space, and runs a blog with her own style. She can't imagine a life without her laptop.

Still, she is a fun person and does not want to worry about technical details. She expects her machine to work.

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