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Feature Ideas
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Collecting ground for ideas that could go into the design.


  • Reference mails while composing mail
    • It should be possible to view other mails for reference while composing a mail, with minimal interruption to the workflow.
    • Drag & drop parts of other threads/mails to quote it in your mail
  • Focus Mode for mail composer
  • Focus Reading mode
    • A fullscreen interface to quickly go through inbox and categorize all mails.
  • Accounts as activities
    • Set current account to avoid having to select that explicitly.
  • Automatically determine identity to use
    • Determine identity to use for responses by selecting the identity matching the email address that the mail has been sent to.
    • Potentially determine identity by currently selected folder and the most used address there.
  • Send email
    • First select account (if necessary), second address in a nice popup with searchbar (like phone), then compose message
  • Global undo
    • All actions are reversible, even if just for a short period.
  • Summary page
    • Unread mails
    • Open invitations
    • Open todos
    • Upcoming events
  • Attachments in the cloud
    • Save attachments to cloud.
    • Attach from cloud
  • Invitation inbox
    • Move invitations to open invitations and don't keep them in the mail inbox.
  • Attachment metadata
    • Keep metadata with saved attachment to find mail again where the attachment is coming from.
  • Attachment view
  • Folder navigation
    • enabled state
    • github-like tree presentation
    • Only present parent hierarchy of folder
    • Make non-enabled folders browsable by expanding any visible folder (in the worst case that is the account's toplevel folder)
      • The non-enabled folders vanish again when navigating outside of the currently selected subtree
  • Thread navigation
    • Flat threadlist. Expand to github-like navigation in list view.
    • Conversation view in message viewer.
  • Application navigation
    • Always visible sidebar with application icons (for d&d), expands with names on hover
  • Composer
    • Inline for quick replys
    • Composer is an overlay (focus mode style)
    • For referencing stuff the left side of the overlay turns into a partial application view that allows to reference all content in kube (mails, events, todos, ...). This doesn't mess with the current application state.
    • Detatch composer into separate window still useful for:
      • Reference stuff outside of kube
      • Have multiple composers open
  • Per account contact favorites for recepient selection
  • Always assemble full threads including sent mails
    • deduplicate for users that get their own replies from the mailinglist
  • Sent mail folder
    • Not configurable outside of account (a pop account just has a local maildir as well for that)
  • Open sender in addressbook
    • Any sender can be viewed in the addressbook viewer, information from available vcards is automatically merged in
  • Show all attachments of a thread in the thread header
    • But also show them next to the actual message header
  • Only show subject of thread once
    • Show again in case of change in the middle of a thread
  • Outbox
    • One for the complete client
    • Appears only when something is in the queue and shows count or error state
    • Flat list with send-later date visualization and potential error state
    • Delete, edit, retry sending actions
    • D&d on outbox or removing outbox is not possible
  • Unified messaging


  • Search centric interface
  • Prioritize favorites by statistics
    • Current account first, always
    • Prioritize most recent/most used
    • Favorites is a fixed number of contacts (i.e. 5)
    • The rest is alphabetic
  • Forward contact without notes
    • Notes likely contain personal information that you don't always want to share with third parties. When forwarding a contact we can ask if the notes should be sent as well and default to not sending them.
  • Deduplicate contacts to persons
  • Provide interface to setup and visualize trust for crypto
    • Green lock for secure

Faceted Search

  • Instead or additionally to a powerful query syntax faceted search should make it easy to assemble multiple search constraints
    • Search first for the folder you're interested, then search for the actual mail
  • Substring match for autocompletion (command-t)

Project as Context

  • Set a project (a glorified tag) as context to automatically have:
    • Relevant contacts first in addressbook
    • Different mail folder selection
    • Relevant tasklists and notebooks
    • Relevant calendars and events
    • Shareable projects that automatically share notes/tasklists/mailinglists/....
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