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Laravel Passport support

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Laravel Passport support

Replaces the use of tymon:jwt with laravel:passport.

A password grant client is used create tokens for the webclient in the
same fashion as we used to the tymon:jwt solution.
The same password grant client can be used for other client applications.


  • We're not currently purging invalidated/expired tokens. This can be

done via artisan command or scheduled task from php.

Differential Revision: https://git.kolab.org/D2494

  • Pass the refresh token
  • Custom authentication hook for passport
  • Added 2fa to user verification
  • Rely on second factor authentication in user model
  • Disabled unnecessary passport routes
  • Fixed password-reset


mollekopfAuthored on Apr 6 2021, 3:49 PM
mollekopfPushed on Aug 17 2021, 12:55 PM
Differential Revision
D2494: Laravel Passport support

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