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Changes for WOAT support


Changes for WOAT support

This patch contains various changes required to ultimately provide support for WOAT:

  • Ported the kolab container to CentOS 8, with some requried adjustments for the setup scripts.
  • DNS lookups now go over pdns
  • An haproxy container is avialable to test RC -> harpoxy -> nginx -> kolab (PROXY protocol)
  • The NGINX proxy containers were merged into one (not strictly required)
  • The "separate roundcube specific imap endpoint patch (D3803) is included because dependencies.

Git commits:

Enable passwordless and woat and multihost (for WOAT)

Run rc imap over nginx for 2fa with proxy protocol support

Enable pgp integration

Resolve woat queries via pdns

CenOS8 Stream based kolab container

Updated mediasoup because of failing builds


On centos8 the utf-8 escape sequences don't work

Add the certificate chain to the kolab container

Use systemctl instead of service

Fixed the ldap hosted domain setup

Updated the pdns container to fc35

Fixed powerdns query

Run dnsmasq on a separate port and enable privileges

dnsmasq won't start without privileges

Fixed mounts for nginx containers

Haproxy for imap with proxy protocol support

Separate roundcube specific imap endpoint

with corresponding authentication endpoint.
Allows us to apply different settings such as never going over
guam. It's also the only place we need the proxy-protocol.

Raise the memory limit for linting even further

Removed unused .dockerenv mount

Merged the proxy containers

Removed certs which we don't seem to be using

Differential Revision: https://git.kolab.org/D3827


mollekopfAuthored on Sep 8 2022, 9:41 PM
mollekopfPushed on Sep 19 2022, 10:44 AM
Differential Revision
D3827: Changes for WOAT support
rK087624b4571c: Merged the proxy containers

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