Console log is written to /var/log/messages
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Packaged manticore version in CentOS7 writes everything into syslog. I think it should be done only in debug mode. Also, this log contains console color sequences which does not work in txt file, e.g.

Jan 15 14:21:28 localhost manticore: #033[90mGET /api/users/me #033[36m304 #033[90m5ms#033[0m
Jan 15 14:21:28 localhost manticore: #033[90mGET /config #033[36m304 #033[90m2ms#033[0m
Jan 15 14:21:28 localhost manticore: #033[90mGET /api/users/me #033[32m200 #033[90m6ms - 207b#033[0m
Jan 15 14:21:28 localhost manticore: #033[90mGET /api/users/me #033[36m304 #033[90m8ms#033[0m


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This may be more important when you know that phantomjs sometimes fail to open some document, then I observe:

Feb  5 12:12:18 localhost manticore: PhantomJS Log : will be back later...

two times per second, and it does not stop until I restart manticore.

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