Fatal error when using CardDAV with OSX client
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PHP Fatal error: __clone method called on non-object in /usr/share/iRony/lib/Kolab/CardDAV/ContactsBackend.php on line 1091.

So, this is iRony-3.1. The bug is in the code used only with Apple clients. I don't know if this is some incompatibility with Sabre/Vobject or a bug in our code. The fatal error should be simply prevented by the following patch:

--- a/lib/Kolab/CardDAV/ContactsBackend.php
+++ b/lib/Kolab/CardDAV/ContactsBackend.php
@@ -1097,7 +1097,7 @@ class ContactsBackend extends CardDAV\Backend\AbstractBackend
             // translate custom properties with a matching prefix to labelled items
             foreach ((array)$contact['x-custom'] as $prop) {
                 $name = $prop[0];
-                if (strpos($name, $propname) === 0) {
+                if (strpos($name, $propname) === 0 && $vc->{$name}) {
                     $label = strtolower(substr($name, strlen($propname)+1));
                     $this->_replace_with_labelled_prop($vc, $name, $propname, $label);

I'd like our iRony expert, Thomas to see this.


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The Sabre/VObject is in version 2.1.7, so it should be fine.

Patched the internal webservers, @vincent is testing.

The error remains.

It seems that the error is triggered when hitting REPORT /addressbooks/ Note that the webserver itself nor iRony logs any error anymore.

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Fixed the initial issue. I could not find a reproduceable test case, but the fix is really simple and the same check is used few lines before.