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Unable to send mail via web interface after roundcube update
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This is likely related to the recent roundcube updates but I never tried sending until read mail was fixed.

# dpkg -l roundcubemail
| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                                            Version                      Architecture                 Description
ii  roundcubemail                                   1:1.5.3-0~kolab2             all                          skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers

I thought I had carried all my old config options forward during the update but I am getting SMTP authentication errors when I try and send mail from the web interface.

From roundcube/errors.log

[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> PHP Error: STARTTLS failed (POST /webmail/QWxUhrcFcDdMwDOk/?_task=mail&_unlock=loading1672857351125&_framed=1&_action=send)
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> PHP Error: Invalid response code received from server (POST /webmail/QWxUhrcFcDdMwDOk/?_task=mail&_unlock=loading1672857351125&_framed=1&_action=send)
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> SMTP Error: Authentication failure: STARTTLS failed (Code: ) in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube.php on line 1778 (POST /webmail/QWxUhrcFcDdMwDOk/?_task=mail&_unlock=loading1672857351125&_framed=1&_action=send)

and from roundcube/smtp.log:

[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Connecting to tls://mail.domain.tld:587...
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 220 mail.domain.tld ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Send: EHLO mail.domain.tld
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-mail.domain.tld
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-PIPELINING
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-SIZE 52428800
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-VRFY
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-ETRN
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-STARTTLS
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-8BITMIME
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250-DSN
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 250 SMTPUTF8
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Send: STARTTLS
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv: 220 2.0.0 Ready to start TLS
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Send: QUIT
[04-Jan-2023 13:35:51 -0500]: <dgdf2s4d> Recv:��j


$config['smtp_server'] = 'tls://%n';

// SMTP port. Use 25 for cleartext, 465 for Implicit TLS, or 587 for STARTTLS (default)
$config['smtp_port'] = 587;

// SMTP username (if required) if you use %u as the username Roundcube
// will use the current username for login
$config['smtp_user'] = '%u';

// SMTP password (if required) if you use %p as the password Roundcube
// will use the current user's password for login
$config['smtp_pass'] = '%p';

Sending email from an SMTP client (tried both K9 Mail and postfix relay) works fine.


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Any chance I can get someone to look at this, I believe I have fixed all the config files that are related and were changed by the update, not sure what I missed.

Hi emunson,

I hit a wall too with my debian 9 kolab installation after the last update. Now I'm giving a try with Debian 10.

Can you elaborate on which config files you'd fixed ? Mine failed with guam.


I honestly don't remember, I did the update in late December and have only been able to send mail from external clients (and that is my work around). This is fairly irritating because it shouldn't be that hard but I managed to screw something up.

It might be caused by outdated Net_SMTP package in the system (or in Roundcube's /vendor folder). At least version 1.10.0 is required.

Hi emunson+machniak
I'll check this out. Just to be sure on what we are talking about, the net_SNMP package your are referring to : is it a php or a python3 package?
So much errors through pykolab on debian10 that I decided to revert to debian9 for the time being. Which doesn't work either with a recent debian9 "apt-get update" I've done...

thanks for the help

I have the package php-net-smtp from the Ubuntu 18.04 repos which is version 1.8.0. I have tried updating to new Ubuntu versions but the last time I tried (in December) there were packaging problems. Is 18.04 still supported and if so, how can I get this newer library?

machniak lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage to Normal.Sep 27 2023, 11:38 AM
machniak added a project: Kolab 16.

Latest roundcubemail package on Ubuntu 18.04 is, which as far as I can see has Net_SMTP in version 1.10.1 built-in. So, all should be ok, but I don't have Ubuntu system to verify on.