style.css and files_api.js only http not https
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rpm -qv pykolab

I run the Kolab server in the standard version with http protocol.
This can be reached from the Internet via https using an HA proxy.
All requests that come via https are redirected to port 80 to the Kolab server.

During troubleshooting (files can only be accessed internally via http) I noticed that
do not reply to https.
All other files run over https.


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Detlef created this task.Jun 4 2021, 7:36 AM

The kolab_files plugin has some configuration. You can set these to an absolute URLs.

// URL of kolab-chwala installation
$config['kolab_files_url'] = '/chwala/';

// Optional URL of kolab-chwala installation for connections
// made by the Roundcube host. Useful when the chwala host name does not
// resolve on the server to the same IP as on the client.
// By default kolab_files_url will be used.
$config['kolab_files_server_url'] = '';
Detlef added a comment.Dec 7 2021, 9:36 AM

thanks, but it is set:
// URL of kolab-chwala installation
$config['kolab_files_url'] = '/chwala/';
sorry of late answer ..

You can pass a full url there.

I guess we can close this?