Chwala: Folder limit should be configurable
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Hi Aleksander,
Using the lastest version of chwala, you applied my "hotfix" to comply with the requirements of state of the art webdav services like nextcloud.
To be flexible, the folder limit should be configurable.
Right now the limit is hardcoded, causing the folder tree not to be displayed to the whole extent.
To correct that behavior, only one line has to be changed in the webdav driver file and the corresponding option has to be added to the

File: webdav_file_storage.php (example could default to 100. IMHO better than 1,noroot)

--- webdav_file_storage.php.ori	2019-03-20 12:32:50.000000000 +0100
+++ webdav_file_storage.php	2019-03-21 07:15:01.354855660 +0100
@@ -1063,7 +1063,7 @@

         try {
             $props = array('{DAV:}resourcetype');
-            $items = $this->client->propfind($root, $props, '1,noroot');
+            $items = $this->client->propfind($root, $props, $this->config['folder_limit'] ? $this->config['folder_limit'] : '1,noroot');
         catch (Exception $e) {
             throw new Exception("User credentials not provided", file_storage::ERROR_NOAUTH);

File (section: $config['fileapi_sources']) webdav example

$config['fileapi_sources'] = array(
	'Nextcloud' => array(
	    'driver'   => 'webdav',
	    'baseuri'  => 'https://my.nexcloud.local/remote.php/webdav/',
        'username' => '%u',
        'folder_limit' => 'infinity',

Best regards
Franz Skale


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