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Protect Sprint projects from edits by all users
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Sprint projects provide workboards with columns that translate to burndown charts and add story points to Maniphest tasks.

The workboard for such a sprint project is supposed to function so that the development team can pick tasks from the backlog and move them through stages "Doing", "Review" and ultimately end up with "Done".

For this to be allowed however, it seems that the development team members need permissions to edit the project -- in this case the sprint project itself -- along with all its metadata.


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I won't be able to complete this in time for the end of this sprint.

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This is resolved by new policy settings.

The default policy for (new) projects is to allow all project members to edit the project in question, as well as Process Managers and Release Managers (distributions and releases are projects too).

This means that the join policy is now in charge of whom can become a project member, and can thus edit the project.