Eventtime can not be changed in "Find availability"
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When opening the window find availability the event time can be changed by the button "previous slot" or "next slot" and by moving the area on the time line. It can not be changed however by changing the start and end time directly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on create
  2. Go to participants
  3. Add participant
  4. Go to "find availability"
  5. Try to click on the start time / date

Actual result:
Nothing happens

Expected result:
An option to change the time / date


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This is intentional. We expect user to use next/previous slot buttons or drag-n-drop. The inputs are only to display current selection.

I just tested a person who got really ennoyed with this and instead of using the buttons or drag and drop went back to summary to change the time and date here. I think it is not intuitiv to have the times there looking like you can change them and then not being able to do so. If peaople are not supposed to change them there, we should maybe think about changing the design? (Because they look like I shoulb be able to change them)

Sure. I just described current design. These inputs are grayed out which means read-only. This comes from Bootstrap framework. Simplest fix would be to make these fields to not look like inputs, but just text.

That could be an option. Would it also be possible to have the possibility there to make it changeable?

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