Add new Calender is buggy
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If I add a new Calender, the new Calender is not always showen right a way. Sometimes I have to add another Calender, after that the Calender from the try before is shown, the other one sometimes, sometimes not and I have to add one more. Also the button for list permanently is sometimes activated right away, sometimes not.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add new Calender 1
  2. Add new Calender 2
  3. Add new Calender 3

Actual results: After step 1 nothing happens. After step 2 Calender 1 appears (list permanently not activated). After step 3 Calender 2 (list permanently not activated) and Calender 3 (list permanently activated) appear.
-> Sometimes it works directly (also on first try)

Expected results: The Calenders appear right after they have been added and list permanently is activated.


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I confirm the issue and it is specific to KolabNow. Most likely its caused by cyrus murder topology and a delay in creating a folder on a backend server. So, when the page is refreshed the folder does not yet exist, even if the folder creation command didn't result with an error. Does not happen on my local Kolab installation.

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