In month overview event is created for current day
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If I want to creat an event for an other day on month overview I have to use a double click, the create button always brings me back to the current date.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to month overview
  2. Click on a day -> day will appear light blue
  3. Click on create

Actual action:
Event is created for the current day

Expected action:
Event is created for selected / marked day


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By double clicking the day you chose, you get to create an event for that specific day. I think the button on top of the page is just to create events in general and not exclusively for the day that is highlighted in blue. I don´t think it´s confusing though.

Yeah, but in general I want to create an event for the day I am looking at right now, don't you? So this way I have to change the day every time..

I reproduced this problem. I also know that just double-clicking the day has this day set as default for the event you want to create. But even with this option the option of clicking on create should still be changed so that the day that you clicked on it set as the default day for your event. Otherwise it is confusing and it can happen easily that you create your event for a wrong day.

I am happy with the despription of the problem and I agree it should be changed, everybody happy with putting it to "done"?

I could not reproduce the probleme. I wanted to make a entry called "meeting" for a day after today (31.10) and a day before today (9.10.) and it worked. Thus I would delete this ticket. What do you think?

Did you click on create? Of course you can change the date to the one you want, but the date that is suggested is the one of the current day instead of the day you clicked on, right?

I personally don`t mind having to check which date i create the event for. It´s just like the button is for creating an event in general. But i wouldn´t really mind either way.

So I guess if some people mind and some don't it would still be best to change it, right?

I would say so.

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There's some inconsistency in Week and Month view behavior and I'm not sure why. In Week view a single click does not select the slot, it opens new event dialog. In Month view a single click will just select the slot. I don't like this inconsistency. The slot selection itself is useless and could be removed, so a single click in Month view would also open the new event dialog (with proper date set). Looks like a bug.

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