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What is the difference between "privat" and "vertraulich"? Is there an option to decide who gets to see my events that are categorized in "vertraulich"? How can i manage that option?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an event on any day
  2. Try changing the "Sichtbarkeit" category

Expected result: to be able to understand the options

Actual result: not being able to differenciate between "Private" and "vetraulich"


Ticket Type

Event Timeline

These categories are there for interoperability. They come from iCalendar standard (the CLASS property). The functionality in Kolab is limited to:

  1. Additional decoration of private/confidential event in event preview dialog.
  2. When a calendar folder annotated as confidential/private exists all incoming invitations marked as such will be stored in these folders (instead of the default calendar) by invitation policy module if enabled.

We'll discuss the removal of this field in Bern