MessageNew events on shared folders are not logged by egara
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I have a shared email folder "Collected" which is configured to receive messages at Messages are delivery via lmtp into this mailbox. Cyrus triggers the event notification below but egara fails to compose a valid folder path for metadata lookups and crashes with


    "event": "MessageNew",
    "bodyStructure": "(\"TEXT\" \"PLAIN\" (\"CHARSET\" \"US-ASCII\" \"FORMAT\" \"flowed\") NIL NIL \"7BIT\" 55 3 NIL NIL NIL NIL)",
    "messageSize": 929,
    "messages": 3,
    "modseq": 23,
    "pid": 13466,
    "service": "lmtpunix",
    "timestamp": "2015-04-20T16:22:39.019+02:00",
    "uidnext": 4,
    "uri": "imap://;UIDVALIDITY=1429518712/;UID=3",
    "user": "",
    "vnd.cmu.envelope": "(\"Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:22:30 +0200\" \"Fetch me in shared folder\" ((\"Thomas Bruederli\" NIL \"thomas.bruederli\" \"\")) ((NIL NIL \"thomas.bruederli\" \"\")) ((\"Thomas Bruederli\" NIL \"thomas.bruederli\" \"\")) ((NIL NIL \"collected\" \"\")) NIL NIL NIL \"<>\")",
    "vnd.cmu.midset": [
    "vnd.cmu.sessionId": "",
    "vnd.cmu.unseenMessages": 3


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@petersen, is this eligible for inclusion with #sprint_server_201518?

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Does cyrus always add the domain name to shared folders? ... it almost looks like the URI cyrus is generating is using the sent email address rather than the destination folder, but it is hard to tell since the name of the shared folder and the email address are the same in this test case.

Related note: the crash in egara is intentional given what occurs. It is getting a "no such mailbox" and so it refuses to process the notification (by crashing the worker process). This will happen a few times (retries) and then the notification will eventually get archived as not processable.

Shared Folders/shared/ seems to have a mistaken shared namespace prefix, and the uri parameter should be shared/

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Everything's medium until product owners say different.

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I think maybe 3 story points because it is just validation of the work in Cyrus IMAP on which this / with which this crash should have been resolved.

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