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Request: overview for the year
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Oct 26 2018, 1:25 PM
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There is no option to see the whole year at once.

Request: To have a format to have the whole year visible at one.


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EsIsl renamed this task from No overview for the year to Request: overview for the year.Oct 26 2018, 2:13 PM
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M.Gruber subscribed.

I agree. Should we move it to "done"?

what is the usecase for a year overview?

Count weeks for example, move forward to an other date quickly...

I don't miss this feature. For switching to another month easily you can just change the month in the monthly calendar in the bottom left corner. But when seeing the year in an overview you mean the months at the top and every day below it right? Like in a weekly overview? I think this could help the user get a sense of when their year will be the busiest and when they have time to e.g. take on another project. If there's a project or whatever that lasts over a couple of weeks a yearly overview could also be useful to get an idea.

I agree that an overview over the year is helpful, for example if you want to search one date in the future (maybe your birthday 2 years ahead) it is way faster. And furthermore, like Annika said, you can count in one view how many weeks there are till one event or see how many days there are in one month or so on. You have this kind f general information in one view, just by clicking on the button "year".

I agree, i thought of it as an overview, for people who like to plan ahead or like to check when they will be the busiest during the year.

But we still need to change the despriction to fit the standards.

I'm not sure if we have to. It's not a bug report, it's a feature request.. @bohlender ?

If we just leave it with - "Request": overview for the year - it should be fine, I think?

I agree and suggest moving to "done"

bohlender triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 12 2018, 9:29 AM
bohlender added a subscriber: machniak.

@machniak can we get your feedback on this?

Is there any calendar app that has something like this? How to visualize that? Would you expect something like a Month view, but with all months one below the other, scrollable? Or this have to be non-scrollable like the month view, but with months instead of days? Also, do not forget about Agenda view that can display the whole year, though it's not "visual".

I see you give some reason for the feature, but I'm not sure they are really valid/important:

  • "Count weeks for example, move forward to an other date quickly...". What do you mean by "count weeks"? Moving to another date is not hard, is it?
  • "an overview, for people who like to plan ahead or like to check when they will be the busiest during the year." That I can understand, but the question is how to visualize that best. On the other hand, using the Month view and switching months with <> buttons is that much worse?
bohlender lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Wishlist.Nov 15 2018, 8:34 AM