Umlauts and spaces getting removed when sending appointment (as attachment) in Roundcube
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With latest Winterfell, I'm experiencing the following in Roundcube:

  1. Create a new appointment titled "Rasen mähen" (note the German umlaut), save it
  2. Click the appointment, select "Options" and "Send"
  3. New e-mail screen opens where the attachment is named "Rasenmhen.ics"

Honestly, I would expect "Rasen mähen.ics" as filename, pretty nice UTF-8 encoded ;-)


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According to code it looks intentional, but I don't know a real reason, maybe there was some interoperability issue. Honestly, I don't see a reason to not use unicode.

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Compatibility with other clients basically requires (read: "has required"?) file names for attachments are ascii-encoded and do not contain spaces. I think there's even an RFC on client-compatible naming conventions for naming attachments, but I'm failing to recall the number (maybe 2138?).

Other than that, it should be considered non-discretionary to the sender. Any modification of what is about to actually happen would fall under the category of obfuscation.

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Maybe I wasn't clear about what I would like to see: Roundcube's config/ has by default this:

// Encoding of long/non-ascii attachment names:
// 0 - Full RFC 2231 compatible
// 1 - RFC 2047 for 'name' and RFC 2231 for 'filename' parameter (Thunderbird's default)
// 2 - Full 2047 compatible
$config['mime_param_folding'] = 1;

Above works properly when attaching a file myself to an e-mail. However this setting seems to be completely ignored when selecting "Send" (as attachment) inside of the calendar appointment, because:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Type: text/calendar;
Content-Disposition: attachment;

All I would like to see is that the "Send" (via Calendar) honors $config['mime_param_folding'] and thus behaves like the rest of the Roundcube code.

@vanmeeuwen Spaces and unicode are perfectly allowed in attachment names thanks to the RFCs about encoding the names in headers. The ticket is about iTip attachments specifically. I confirm that the code removes all non-ascii characters making the attachment name completely dummy in some cases. I don't really know why @bruederli make it this way. Maybe there was a reason.

@rsc that setting is not really relevant as the name is made ascii-only before it has a chance to encode the name, but indeed it will be used if we change the code to allow unicode.