Suspicious user activity in OBS (automated mass sign-up)
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In the past two weeks or so there has been a constant influx of new users who create home projects and apparently do nothing else. Every hour or so, a new user gets registered and a new home project gets created. All of the users have seemingly random names and random Mail.Ru email addresses. It looks like the process is automated.

I have no idea whether these users pose some kind of risk, but that sort of activity is definitely suspicious.


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And here come the spammers:{hairweavingbangalore,elegantitservices} (link not clickable)

We really need to get this muck under control.

Just FYI, this is still going on.

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Bumping priority. This is ridiculous - there are currently approximately 300-400 automated registrations, obviously from bots, every week.

I don't know what to do about it, to be honest. There doesn't seem to be any modules or settings that protect against this type of thing, as far as I could find.

Maybe if you disable gmail, facebook, etc. user login ... as a work around...

Quick question, why is it enabled that users can register on the OBS.

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I've disabled registration.