[Use Test] Unclear how to add recipient from address book
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How to reproduce:
Compose new email or answer email, try to add recipient from address book

Actual results:
Several of my subjects had big difficulties to add a recipient whose email address was in the address book.
This means that they searched very long for the function/button and tried out various buttons (see screenshots):
First thing they did was to try adding the recipient by clicking on the „+“ button next to the recipient line - but this only offers the options CC, BCC etc. They then tried to click on „contacts“ in the navigation column on the left but this would mean leaving the currently open email and thus they had to break this off. They then tried to use the „To+“ etc. buttons in the lower left corner.

Both of the subjects I refer to finally added the recipient by double-clicking on corresponding contact in the „contacts“ button in the column on the left (not the navigation column, but the second column from the left) - but it took them quite some time to find this button.

Expected results:
Apart from auto-complete there should be an intuitive way to add a recipient from an address book. 
Since participants first of all tried to use the „+“ button for this, it might the best thing to add another „+“ button next to the existing one (like we also have a drop-down-arrow and a pen to edit the sender in the line above): Ideally, the different functions of the two + buttons will be understood immediately; for this purpose you could make the second + button a + with the head of a person next to it, like the buttons „To+“ etc (if tried to make clear what I mean in the screenshot)., which makes clear that this refers to adding contacts!


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That would make sense if the Contacts list was displayed in a popup dialog, but it's all the time on left. So, maybe we should consider removing the Contacts list box and use a dialog. However, there's a plugin that adds a button in contacts list footer which is used to attach selected contact vCard to the message. It would need to be implamented in some different way.

What exactly do you mean by "using a dialogue" for adding further contacts?

Do you think it would be possible to implement the version that I have suggested? Or do you think this wouldn't make any sense?
I am open for other ideas as well, I just wanted to point out that my subjects had real difficulties to add further contacts, so something should be done about this!

Your proposition does not make much sense to me because to add a contact you first need to select it on the list. So, while you're on the list it's better to use button in list footer than in the input, imho.

I proposed a completely different way. We do not display the whole left-side contacts box at all, but we add your button. The button would open the contacts widget in a popup dialog. There you could select contact(s) and press Insert button. Something like that. I guess, this would also solve the 3-column order issue of mail compose page as there will be only two columns. This would need to be evaluated in UX as I think some users would like to see the contacts widget all the time, not in a popup. What do you think?

Ah, ok, now I understand! I think this is is a very good idea!

I understand what you're saying about users maybe wanting to see the contacts all the time, but I think the problem is that the contacts column is just too far away to understand that you can simply click on it in order to add a contact! Currently you don't understand that this "belongs to" composing an email - some people thought that this was how you would get to the address book!

I see two options here:

  1. you would move the contacts into the "options and attachments" column, so say: display contacts below the attachment box. This would make it necessary to make this a "scroll down column" since normal people probably will not just have 3 contacts.
  2. In case we move the "options and attachments column" to the right side of composing an email (as discussed in the other ticket), this problem might be solved, because then the contacts column would be directly on the left side of composing a new email and thus closer and easier to see so that maybe users would indeed get the idea that they can simply add contacts by clicking on a contact in that list.

There's more than that. If we move the Options and Attachments to the right we have a (technical) problem in tablet mode. Because when switching from Options to Contacts will make them appear one on right the other on left. Which might be annoing and I can't fix that easily. You should try the tablet mode (smaller screen where only two columns are visible).

Anyway, @bohlender what do you think about contacts in a popup dialog instead of always visible? I guess it's the way most desktop apps would do anyway, right?

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Anyway, @bohlender what do you think about contacts in a popup dialog instead of always visible? I guess it's the way most desktop apps would do anyway, right?

I think that is a great idea

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