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wap: generation of replication agreements for more then two hosts have wrong nsDS5ReplicaHost
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While having replication configured with more then two hosts the replication agreements for new domains have wrong nsDS5ReplicaHost.

For e.g. having three ldap servers: ldap0, ldap1, ldap2. The base domain is replicated with multimaster between all servers.

Adding new domains, on ldap0 there are two replicationsagreements generated:

dn: ldap1_example_org,cn=replica,cn=dc\=basedomain\,\dc\=net,cn=mapping tree,cn=config


dn: ldap2_example_org,cn=replica,cn=dc\=basedomain\,\dc\=net,cn=mapping tree,cn=config

But both will get the same nsDS5ReplicaHost, namely ldap1


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