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Debian Stretch packages are built with wrong Perl version
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This affects cyrus-imapd.

The package is built on a machine where Perl 5.22 is preinstalled, and consequently gets a dependency on perlapi-5.22.2. However, Debian Stretch ships Perl 5.24 - so the dependency is unfulfillable.

I thought this could be resolved by removing the line Preinstall: perl-modules-5.22 from the Debian:9.0 project configuration, but that doesn't seem to have done the trick.

I wonder why the OBS build machines have that old version of Perl in the first place - are they still stuck with an old prerelease of Stretch?


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Assigning to Jeroen. (Are there any others who also take care of the OBS?)

vanmeeuwen subscribed.

It's just not getting rebuilt automatically. Let's bump something and therefore trigger a rebuild, so that existing installations receive an update too (now possibly preventing an unstable system from being updated to a stable system).

Bumping cyrus-imapd didn't solve the problem, unfortunately - it got built with Perl 5.22 again.

See the build log:

Current Winterfell seems to have it fixed:

apt-cache show cyrus-imapd | grep -i perl
Depends: [...] perl (>= 5.24.1-3+deb9u1), perlapi-5.24.1