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Hosted Kolab: Allow use and administration of external email addresses
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Users of a Hosted Kolab deployment should be able to add/remove their external email addresses to/from their account using the #HKCCP. External email addresses should be verified to actually belong to the user before users can send emails with the external email address as sender.

Verified external email addresses should be valid identities in Roundcube.


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For as long as a Hosted Kolab deployment is not a global multi-billion dollar conglomerate, we cannot just accept users send messages, using email addresses for which we only have had a one-time guarantee the user owns the email address, indefinitely (i.e. without prolonged and/or continuous proof the user still owns the recipient address).

This would cause the Hosted Kolab deployment to end up on various widely used spam lists, most without any possible means for remediation, but effectively affecting all users.

It does not make sense to want to send from an external email address unless email sent to that external email address does not also end up on the same Hosted Kolab deployment (i.e. is forwarded to the new mailbox).

That said, if having the external email address forward all messages to the Hosted Kolab deployment mailbox is made a requirement, then continuous validation could be made to be performed regularly and automatically.

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