Invitations are not shown on iOS devices when connected via ActiveSync
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It seems that Kolab does not parse .ics META-data corretly:

  • iOS device (10.2.1) is connected via active sync to Kolab
  • Kolab user gets a meeting invitation - on webmail this shown correctly with RSVP buttons
  • on iOS device normally these invitations are shown up as a native message and in inbox of calendar
  • with Kolab there are no calendar inbox entries - the .ics attachement is parsed as a regular attachement
  • clicking on the attachment allow to add the entry to calendar but without RSVP buttons so the invite won't get any feedback

Tested with own Kolab setup and kolabnow

Own Kolab version: 16.1, debian 8


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machniak added a subscriber: machniak.

You are right. It's not implemented at all.

pasik added a subscriber: pasik.Nov 25 2017, 2:31 PM