Upgrade: Document ACI updates
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I've updated my Kolab 3.4 to Kolab 16 (on Debian). The installation itself has been updated to 3.4 before, so I don't know where the ACI has been changed.

I tried to add some delegations and got an error. I've found
A compare with my installation showed that I indeed missed some attributes:
KolabDelegate, kolabInvitationPolicy, kolabAllowSMTPSender

I haven't seen comments about that in the upgrade documents. And it seems
the new packages didn't handle that.

So, what should we do?

  • Can we fix the ACIs during package update?
  • Can pykolab or something else fix that up?
  • If not, we need to document the needed changes in the upgrade docs.

Can we get changes from or the blame?


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