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Debian/Jessie: roundcubemail contains empty directory skins/kolab
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I'm testing roundcubemail 1:1.2.3-0~kolab3 on Debian 8/Jessie.
In Roudcube's settings menue in skins I have Chameleon, Classic, Kolab (without icon), and Larry.
The skins/kolab directory is empty, and roundcubemail package has the empty directory.

$ dpkg -L roundcubemail | grep kolab

Removing the empty directory removes the broken skin from settings.

Please remove the empty directory from the package.


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We should also remove the old classic skin. Some kolab plugins just does not work with classic skin.

My users still like the classic skin, but use only mail.
Anyway, we must not break people's setup, so we either need to modify the user settings
when upgrading or alert the admin and help him fix his system.
So we need to do more than just removing the skin.

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I cannot reproduce the bug described in the first posting, so I'm closing this as resolved. Feel free to reopen this task if I've overlooked something.