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Syncroton - Missing ldap_close function in kolab_auth.php
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Concerning Community Hub message:
(Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync error 500)

Ticket Reference:
T1521: kolab_auth: Add possibility to close LDAP connection on request

After upgrading Syncroton to kolab-syncroton-2.3.3-2.1.el7.kolab_16.noarch on Centos 7 the kolab_auth.php is missing the function ldap_close (again?)
Please add this code from Ticket T1521 to the corresponding file /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/plugins/kolab_auth/kolab_auth.php.

Error logged in /var/log/kolab-syncroton/errors
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method kolab_auth::ldap_close() in /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/kolab_sync.php on line 210


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