Problems editing recurrence events
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project: roundcube-kolab-plugins calendar

  1. Create a event that repeats daily (from monday to sunday) with 30 minutes duration
  2. Edit only the second event start time to 2 hours late
  3. Select the 3rd event and click to edit all events.
  4. Change start time to 1 hour late
  5. Select the 2nd event and click to edit all future events
  6. Set start time to 1 hour late
  7. Some events are missing and I think that a event moved from recurrence shuldn't be recurrent anymore...

I tested it on the last commit from today (around 10:40 AM)

Looks like the problem is in _update_recurring() method from plugins/calendar/drivers/database_driver.php.


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Do I understand correctly that you use database driver?

Yes I am using database_driver. I don't remember why...

Looks like my IMAP infrastructure doesn't support METADATA or ANNOTATEMORE... I think this is why we are using database_driver

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We do not actively support the database backend driver, so please bear in mind this has a very low priority for us.