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Kontact - Tasks: Delegation message is shown sometimes english and sometimes german
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  1. UserA creates a new task
  2. UserA delegates the task to UserB
  3. User A receives a popup messages that the delegation message was successfully sent.

The message is sometimes english and sometimes german:

644-1.png (167×509 px, 24 KB)

644-2.png (185×465 px, 23 KB)

I have created 5 tasks, after each task creation and delegation I closed kontact and started it again.

For 1 task the message was shown in german, for the other 4 tasks the message was shown in english.

It is also strange that the german message contains the english word "Delegate" and the english message contains the german word "Delegieren".

Also Methode: Request is not completely translated in the german message text.

We expect that the message is always shown in german language.


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