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Kontact - Calendar: First date of weekly series not visible (series created in roundcube).
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Error reported in Bugzilla is still existing with "Kontact-E14-2016-07-15-04-34" and "Roundcube Webmail".

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User A creates a series of events with the following parameters:
    • start date: Thursday, 15.05.2016
    • weekly repetition, 3 times, on FRIDAY

User A sees four events in total, see attachment "organizer" (ok).

  1. User B starts Kontact and switches to calender view.

The calendar "Open Invitations" shows the three repetitions on Fridays, but not the first event on Thursday; see attachment "attendee" (error).

In the last comment Christian Mollekopf reported that the error seems to be with roundcube:

Kontact correctly implicitly includes thursday in the BYDAY rule, but roundcube doesn't.
This is therefore an invalid issue for kontact. Roundcube could be improved to similarly implicitly include thursday in the byday rule.


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