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Kontact - Tasks: Tasks with keywords are not listed below open or all tasks anymore
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  1. User creates three tasks:

01_aufgaben_ohne_stichwörter.jpg (543×859 px, 52 KB)

  1. User assigns keyword "Test1" to task "testaufgabe1" and keyword "Test2" to task "testaufgabe2"
  1. User clicks on keyword "Test1" and gets "testaufgabe1" displayed

02_aufgaben_mit_stichwort1.jpg (483×845 px, 38 KB)

  1. User clicks on Inbox and selects all tasks or open tasks, but in this case only task "testaufgabe3" is displayed. Means the task without keyword.

03_aufgaben_mit_stichwörter.jpg (482×734 px, 35 KB)

All tasks should be listed here.


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