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Kontact-E14-2016-07-15-04-34 / Roundcube Webmail

  1. User creates a new task with kontact and reviews it later with roundcube. Roundcube displays an additional line above the original text, on kontact the description is still correct:

2016-10-13 10_23_37-Aufgabenlisten – Kontact.png (252×668 px, 12 KB)

2016-10-13 10_14_55-Kolab Groupware __ Aufgaben1.png (392×638 px, 9 KB)

  1. User modified a existing task created with kontact, he used the strikethrough button. In the meantime he received a new task created in roundcube, he wants to review the new task (strikethrough button is still activated). The description of the new task is displayed completely as strikethrough in kontact. In roundcube the task is still displayed correctly.

2016-10-13 10_33_24-Aufgabenlisten – Kontact1.png (265×676 px, 15 KB)

2016-10-13 10_34_16-Kolab Groupware __ Aufgaben.2png.png (402×659 px, 10 KB)


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